Challenge Roma 753

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Challenge Roma 753

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Welcome to an extraordinary triathlon experience.Every year millions of people travel around the globe to see the Coliseum, the Imperial Fora, Caracalla Baths and so on…. but only FEW ELECTED triathletes will have the privilege to ride around them.


Enjoy the warm embrace of the Italian hospitality.No city in the world equals the history of the Eternal City. A concentration of 2700 years of monuments, legend, history, art and religion (over 900 churches): there are no cities in the world that offer more.


Volunteers are the heart of a triathlon event. It means to be leading-actor of a great international event. Live the event from the inside, be part of it, give your contribution to an extraordinary experience involving thousand of international athlete.


"Rome wasn't built in a day" and so it won't be the first ever triathlon event in the Eternal City. Read all news about the race, latest updates and usefull information from race venue.